500 words 2018

Five hundred words a day. That’s the challenge I’ve accepted from Jeff Goins. We’ll see how this goes.

Today that sounds less daunting that on many other days. See, I’m reading the book Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I’m having so many reactions to this book and I need to vent them all, so I’ll be blogging about that for a bit, I’m sure. First of all, it’s interesting how I came to be reading it here and now.

I’ve gone to the Global Leadership Summit for the past few years and at the 2016 Summit, Bill Hybels talked about the wonderful book his daughter had written. At the time, I wasn’t working, just getting into the new normal of homeschooling my three kids, and looking for what I would be doing next. It had just become clear that I wouldn’t be attending the master’s program I had been accepted to due to funding, and I was feeling a little adrift. Certainly not like the busy, harried, successful woman Shauna presented herself to be as the catalyst for writing the book, so it didn’t really seem relevant to me at the time. It just didn’t really click as a must read in my mind.

Fast forward to this Christmas. Still homeschooling (technically unschooling, which is its own particular brand of busy-ness, but still not the kind to make me feel a connection to the book), still trying to figure out what’s next, re-evaluating even what “successful” looks like in my world, because it’s very different than how I thought it looked a few years ago when I graduated from college, different than I thought when I left my last job, different even than a year and a half ago when I started going back to church and God ignited this passion in my heart that made me want to envelop myself in his Word and world. I’m still trying to parse it all out.

Anyway, this Christmas, my husband took our six-year old daughter out to shop for a gift for me. She and I had gone shopping for everyone else and she said she wanted daddy to take her out so she could buy something for me. They went to Target, because it’s right down the road and much less crazy than the mall or any of the other shopping centers in town. After a while, I received a text from my husband saying “We have no idea what to get you. What was that book you wanted?” Well, I knew, because I’d bought the book I wanted for a friend for Christmas, that it was only available at the big book store at the mall, and I wasn’t sending my sweet husband to the mall on Christmas Eve. So I looked at the Target website to see if there were any other Christian books that sounded good and I saw Present Over Perfect. I sent Paul a picture of the cover, saying “this one will be fine, but really, anything she chooses will be fine. She just wanted to be able to pick something out for me.”

So he got me the book. And I’m LOVING this book. Elsie actually picked out a different book for me. It’s interesting to me how many things I think I’m “settling” for that turn out to be exactly the right thing for me. It’s even more interesting to me how many things are clearly God-breathed into my life through my kids. But that’s a different post.

How about you? Is there something that wasn’t exactly what you wanted but turned out to be the perfect thing, or a bigger blessing, or exactly what you needed? Did you immediately see God’s hand at work in that, or did it take some reflection? I’d love to hear from you.

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