Daylight Saving Time… Bah.

I hate daylight saving time.

There is a very small handful of things I’m willing to use the H-word about; in fact, it’s a bad word in my house, but I really hate daylight saving time. I’m kind of a spoiled brat about it, and I’m grumpy because I have to change my clocks this weekend.

See, I’m not one of those people who are dependent on an alarm clock. I wake up at approximately the same time every day, or at least within a half hour. I usually wake up around 7:00 a.m. Sometimes it’s closer to six thirty, sometimes I sleep in and it’s almost 7:30 before I get out of my warm cozy bed. Sometimes, for no reason at all, my eyes open up around six and I lay there hoping to get another hour… 45 minutes… half hour… Please? And on the VERY rare occasion, I wake up and it’s bright outside, so I look at my watch on my nightstand and it’s around 8:00 – weird. But generally my eyes pop open around the seven o’clock hour. My body has adjusted to that time.

I’ve tried figuring this out. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with when I went to bed, because that fluctuates a lot more, depending on my day. Sometimes I’m up ‘til 11:00 watching a movie, sometimes I fall asleep reading to my six-year old around nine. It might have something to do with the level of light coming into the room, but that changes gradually and constantly throughout the year, and my internal clock isn’t that smooth.

Regardless, daylight saving time wreaks havoc on all that. I’m from Indiana. This didn’t used to happen! Once upon a time we believed in “Hoosier common sense” and we didn’t have to change our clocks to keep up with the Jonses. Or the New Yorkers, as the case may be. We were perfectly content to be on Eastern Time for most of the year and Central in the summer. We were cool and carefree, like Arizona. Now we’re just following the crowd. They said it would be better for business. Maybe it is, I don’t know. I still think it’s stupid.


Now I know what people say, “Oh, it’s time to spring forward! We get an extra hour of daylight!” Or in the fall, “Yay! It’s time to fall back! We get to sleep in an hour!”


I will still wake up at the same time I’ve been waking up, because it’s not, in fact, dependent on what the clock says. So on Sunday, when my eyes pop open, my clock will say sometime around 8:00. Not my old comfortable 7:00. Oh, I’ll adjust, though as homeschooling mom, I don’t necessarily have to. Once I start working again, or when time sensitive kid activities like day camp roll around, I’ll set an alarm to correct the problem. And then in the fall I’ll be grumpy again, because while everyone else is sleeping an extra hour, I’ll be waking up at 6:00, wishing I too could sleep in.

Daylight savings. Bah.

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