About me

Dear reader,

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kara and I am a 40-ish (eek! That’s new!), happily married mother of four amazing kids. I’m a Jesus lovin’, dirt worshippin’ hippie chick at heart, a lifelong student at my core, and a wannabe writer in my spare time. I received my bachelor’s in anthropology in 2013 and now I’m home with my kids, looking for the next adventure.

I love reading, writing, learning, music, and sharing my ideas about God and how the world works with people who crave deep conversation as much as I do. I also sing in a band, crochet, and enjoy riding my bicycle. I love the water – swimming, boating, watching, whatever, though I don’t spend nearly enough time there. Instead, I spend it learning, teaching, cooking, feeding, cleaning, chauffeuring, loving, snuggling, listening, guiding, occasionally eating and sleeping, all the while attempting to maintain my sanity… My plate is full for about the next 15 years! Here, I’ll tell you about how I balance it all… and sometimes how I don’t. Either way, welcome!